Adriaens, Theo

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The Guardian, Arkansas, over Adriaens

By Rev. J. Van der Heyden (Louvain Correspondent, N.C.W.C. News Service.)

Louvain, Belgium, April 19. - Under the leadership of Jef Denyn, the famous bellmaster of the Mechlin Cathedral, the Belgian School of chime-playing, only one of its kind in the world, is ever adding new laurels to its crown. It has already sent graduates of the old Flemish art of carillon-playing to America, England, Holland, Ireland, and will, next May, send another of its pupils, Theo Adriaens, to Portugal.

Mr. Adriaens has been engaged by the Portugese government as official player of the two carillons, silent and neglected for years, placed by King John V in the combined church, monastery and palace built by him two hundred years ago in the royal residential city of Mafra, near Lisbon. The long uncared for chimes, of forty-seven bells each, hanging in the towers of the Church, have been repaired, tuned and furnished with modern mechanical devices for ready playing under the supervision of Jef Denyn, the reviver of that most democratic music which has long given to Flanders and Holland an attractiveness all their own. 

Van der Heyden, J.: Belgian Chime School Student Gets Official Position in Portugal, in: The Guardian (Little Rock, Arkansas, US), jrg. 18, nr. 31, 27 [sic] april 1929, p. 7, via (online op 09/10/1929).