Andries, Jean

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Andries, Jean

door Jan Dewilde

The violinist, cellist, composer, pedagogue and musicologist Jean Andries began his career in 1813 as a violinist with the theatre orchestra of his birthplace Ghent. Some years later he became first violin soloist, a position he would hold for 35 years. In 1835 he became a violin teacher at the newly founded Ghent Conservatory. After Mengal's death in 1851 he succeeded him as the Conservatory director. There he conducted the ensemble class and also taught harmony and composition. The reorganisation of the Conservatory in 1857 put an end to his directorship. Because technically speaking his violin teaching didn't measure up to the Baillot and de Bériot school, on 10 Dec. 1859 his retirement as a violin teacher was also imposed on him.

About his pedagogic activities Bergmans wrote in his book on the history of the Ghent Conservatory: "Artiste conscientieux, Andries était convaincu qu'un musicien qui ne sait que jouer de son instrument n'est pas plus artiste qu'un peintre qui ne sait que manier le pinceau; aussi initiait-il ses élèves aux compositions des grands maîtres; il dirigeait, avec un véritable enthousiasme, les classes d'ensemble de musique instrumentale qui exécutaient les quatuors de Haydn, de Mozart et même de Beethoven."

Worth mentioning amongst his musical work is the music drama L'orpheline, the violin concertino La tempête, various small pieces for violin and cello, and his romances.

Andries also wrote works on musical theory, such as a study on the carillon and the history of the flute.

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