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Bender, Constantin

Sint-Niklaas, 12/11/1826 > Sint-Gillis, 26/07/1902


Bender, Constantin

by Jan Dewilde

Constantin Bender followed in his father's footsteps by joining the troops of the 10th line regiment on 16 November 1841 as an apprentice drum major. There he was promoted to musician in the regimental band on 16 December 1848. On 26 January 1849 he was relocated as solo clarinettist to the 1st line regiment, where his uncle Valentin had been bandmaster since 1830. In 1864 he was charged with making up the military band that accompanied the expedition of the Belgian volunteers to Mexico. Constantin Bender was later promoted to the rank of sublieutenant (1870) and lieutenant (1880). In 1892 he was appointed as inspector of the military bands.

Bender mainly composed music for wind and percussion orchestras, such as Hommage à Saint-Nicolas (military Allegro), the marches Le vainqueur (The Victor), Hommage à l'armée  (Homage to the Army) and Le bienfaiteur (The Benefactor), as well as the set work for a concours in Lille, France (1882).

Constantin Bender was the son of the bandmaster, clarinettist and composer Jacob (Jacques) Bender and the brother of the clarinettist and bandmaster Adam Joseph Bender. Jean Valentin Bender, the first bandmaster of the Royal Band of the Belgian Guides, was his uncle.

© Studiecentrum voor Vlaamse Muziek vzw - Jan Dewilde (translation: Jo Sneppe)