Grisar, Albert

Antwerpen, 26/12/1808 > Asnières (FR), 15/06/1869


Grisar, Albert

by Jan Dewilde

Albert Grisar was intended for commerce, but his love for music was too strong and, after some struggles with his family, he ran away to Paris. He arrived in 'la capitale de la musique' only a few days before the Belgian Revolution of July 1830. In Paris he studied under Anton Reicha, but due to the Revolution he was obliged to join his family in Antwerp.

After his first public success (Le marriage impossible, Brussels 1833), the Belgian government procured him a grant of 1200 francs to complete his musical education. He returned to Paris.

In 1840 he went to Naples to study under Mercadante and in 1848 he returned to Paris.

He wrote more than 30 comic operas.

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