Reyns, August

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Reyns, August

by Jan Dewilde

Reyns studied solfège, harmony, violin and viola at the Municipal Music School of Bruges, where he earned first prizes for harmony (1869) and counterpoint (1870) as a pupil of Hendrik Waelput. Later at the Conservatory of Brussels he also obtained a second prize for viola (1874) and a first prize for counterpoint (1875) with the great pedagogue and Wagner expert Hubert Ferdinand Kufferath.

He spent his active life in Bruges, in 1875 becoming choir master at Bruges Cathedral. There he founded the symphonic wind bands 'La Concorde' and 'Cercle instrumental', and was instrumental in laying the foundation of the Conservatory concerts. For many years he was music teacher at the Bruges city schools and from 1879 to 1922 he was teacher of solfège at the Municipal Music Conservatory.

Reyns composed church music, orchestral works and choral music as well as songs on texts of authors such as Albrecht Rodenbach.

His cantata Hymne aan Breydel en De Coninck (Hymn to Breydel and De Coninck) was given an award by the city of Bruges in 1887.

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