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Van Durme, Ferdinand

Eksaarde, 01/06/1835 > Eksaarde, 02/07/1900


Van Durme, Ferdinand

by Jan Dewilde

From 1873 till his death Ferdinand Van Durme combined his profession as a baker with being sexton-organist in his native town. His father Feliciaan had preceded him in this function and had founded a church orchestra in Eksaarde in 1843. Following in his father's footsteps, Ferdinand also conducted the local Royal Symphonic Wind Band Sint-Caecilia. For this band he wrote some compositions, including an arrangement of Edgar Tinel's cantata De klokke Roeland (Roeland's Bell).

Ferdinand Van Durme was Tinel's first teacher. He was the father of Oscar and Prudent and the grandfather of Jef Van Durme.

© Studiecentrum voor Vlaamse Muziek vzw - Jan Dewilde (translation: Jo Sneppe)