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Van Wassenhoven, Theodoor

Sint-Niklaas, 25/07/1846 > Lier, 06/08/1899


Van Wassenhoven, Theodoor

by Jan Dewilde

After having received his music initiation from his father, Theodoor Van Wassenhoven continued his studies at the Conservatoire of Brussels, where he earned in 1867 first prizes in harmony, counterpoint and organ (with Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens). In 1868 he was appointed in Lier as organist of St Gummarus' Church. In that city he was also conductor of the choir Orpheus, for which he composed quite a lot of pieces. In both functions he was succeeded by his son Paul.

Theodoor Van Wassenhoven composed songs, choral music and cantatas. Two of his songs were published: Ave Maria and Eerste communielied (First Communion Song). Theodoor Van Wassenhoven was the son of Simon and the brother of Gustaaf.

© Studiecentrum voor Vlaamse Muziek vzw - Jan Dewilde (translation: Jo Sneppe)